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The world’s most trusted supplier, our saponin-based products are the ones used in 5 globally approved vaccines protecting millions of people worldwide.



Putting 40 years of
expertise to work for you



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We hold our materials and
ourselves to the highest
possible standards


Putting 40 years of
Expertise to Work for You

Desert King leads global innovation in managing, refining, and continuously supplying the highest quality saponin-based adjuvants and precursors, including our flagship QS-21.

  • Desert King QS-21 is the globally accepted human vaccine-quality benchmark.
  • We supply the Quillaja saponaria used in 5 globally approved vaccines protecting millions of people against: COVID-19, malaria, RSV, and shingles.
  • QS-21 is already in 26 vaccines candidates in Phase 3 clinical trials, including areas of oncology, infectious diseases and Alzheimer’s.
  • Desert King is the only manufacturer capable of supplying human vaccine-quality, GMP volume saponin-based products.

QS-21 from Desert King is the human vaccine-quality benchmark


One of the world’s most powerful immunostimulants, QS-21 is derived from the bark of the Quillaja saponaria Molina tree using advanced HPLC separation technology for purification. This particular saponin fraction is capable of inducing both humoral as well as cell-mediated immunity.

The science behind Desert King QS-21


Supply You Can Rely On

We take our supply commitment seriously—ongoing innovation reinforces our ability to deliver the products you need, when you need them, in the volumes you require.

High-yield Supply

Our large reserve can supply millions of additional vaccine doses on demand even while we serve our current customers’ needs.

High-yield Technology

Through our patented selection process (US Patent 11,254,699 B2) our trees are chosen for their high QS-21 content, further expanding our usable yield.

High-yield Plantations

As pioneers in Quillaja domestication, we have developed plantations to satisfy increasing worldwide demand while preserving the native forest.

Uninterrupted Availability

The holistic Desert King approach of forest stewardship + selection technology + plantations ensures uninterrupted availability of the pharmaceutical-grade products you’re looking for…today and in the future.


Quality and Consistency Without Compromise

We guarantee quality in everything we do for you with zero risk of product
cross-contamination and full batch-level traceability. As proof of our adherence to the
highest possible quality standards, we also seek third-party certifications across industries.

Desert King International

Desert King Chile

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Products and services tailored to your needs

As the worldwide Quillaja saponaria experts across industries, we supply the technical support you need to get the most out of our adjuvants and adjuvant precursors.

We provide a Drug Master File (DMF) and Investigator’s Brochure (IB) on demand in support of your clinical trials or FDA submissions.

We are willing and able to customize products
and services according to your unique needs.

Beyond QS-21

In addition to our flagship QS-21, Desert King offers a variety of other raw materials, adjuvant precursors, and adjuvant systems as well as products for other industries.


Desert King has developed extraction and purification capabilities for QS-7, QS-17, and QS-18. These and others are ready for preclinical research.


Vet Sap is a veterinary vaccine adjuvant from a semi-purified saponin fraction of the bark of the Quillaja saponaria tree.


We provide saponin-based products across many industries from food & beverage to cosmetics and agriculture…

Desert King was easy to approach and very responsive
to our questions and needs.

They understand their adjuvant system extremely well and were critical to us in
sharing information about how it would combine with ours.

General Manager, Asia

We started working with Desert King because they have a reputation for quality and supply reliability.

We keep working with them because they’ve worked hard to nurture a trusting, long-term relationship.

Chief Operations Officer, Asia

Desert King has an experienced team who are all accessible—I can get anyone on the phone when I need to and can get to those who are highly technical to answer complex questions.

They go the extra mile, focusing not just on the transaction, but on the relationship.

Subject Matter Expert, Europe



Protecting This Critical Natural Resource Is
Our Duty

At Desert King, we view ourselves as shepherds of the forest. Our duty is to protect, manage, and increase the natural supply of Quillaja saponins.

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