We are Desert King, a company based in the United States, Chile, and Mexico, dedicated to finding scientific solutions using natural components from Quillaja, Yucca and Jojoba, produced in a way that is respectful of nature.

With over 40 years of experience, our high value-added products provide answers to global needs in a variety of industries, such as health, human and animal nutrition, cosmetics, environmental, mining, and agriculture.


We work with dedication to develop an operation with demanding quality standards to be on the cutting edge in each of our processes, understanding that with our activities we are not just resolving our customers’ needs, but also creating sustainable solutions from a social, economic, and environmental perspective.

What sets us apart

Track record

Our work is backed by 40 years of experience that have made us world leaders in the production of natural solutions with Quillaja derivatives.


We have specialized top-notch facilities that work with state-of-the-art technology, incorporating automation in our processes to ensure product quality.


We supply around 1,000 customers worldwide, who endorse the quality of our products and with whom we maintain long-term relationships of trust.

Certified Quality

We have the strictest of certifications to guarantee the quality of our products and processes.


Over 25 years of experience have led us to develop advances to ensure the sustainable production of natural extracts and new applications that add value to our customers and contribute to humanity.

Production and Sourcing

We are pioneers in the development of Quillaja plantations and in researching the species' domestication, aware that this is one of the ways to sustain the supply of raw materials in the future.

Lines of business

Quillaja saponin extracts are used as adjuvant precursors for various human and animal vaccines.
Animal Nutrition and Health
Animal Nutrition and Health
A natural alternative to enhance the immune response, improve productive performance, intestinal health, and the absorption of nutrients in birds, pigs, and salmon, among other animals.
Food and Beverages
Food and Beverages
Foaming and emulsifying agents used in various beverages and foaming agents in the market. They also help to improve the solubility of powdered foods.
Personal Care and Cosmetics
Personal Care and Cosmetics
An extract rich in antioxidants and natural surfactants, among many other properties. Used in creams, gels, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and soaps, etc.
Natural crop treatment option: BIO-pesticide-fungicide-insecticide, moisturizing agent, and growth booster.
Mining and Environment
Mining and Environment
A totally natural alternative for the suppression of acid fog during the electro-winning processes in Copper and Zinc mining. It also enhances biological processes such as the treatment of liquid wastes and biogases.

We are committed to our work through the use of applied science to contribute to humanity while seeking to preserve the species and the sustainability of our processes.  We are constantly evolving to achieve this, adapting to the demands of our environment and our customers.

Paul Hiley
Executive Director Desert King Group

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