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For centuries the native people of Chile have used Quillaja extract to wash their hair and clothes due to its excellent cleansing properties. These extracts are rich in natural surfactant and contain other compounds including rich antioxidants. To achieve stable formulations and enhance performance, our products are purified and standardized for use in personal care and cosmetics.

A Pioneer In Sustainable Forest Management

Our products are manufactured in food grade facilities that comply with FDA regulations. All Quillaja saponaria and Yucca schidigera are wild harvested and government permits are required. Desert King pioneered a sustainable forestry management technique that does not rely on felling trees for bark. By better utilizing biomass from native forests and Quillaja plantations, Desert King is reducing pressure on native forests and creating long term sustainable harvesting.  Our facilities are certified and audited by big pharma and the world’s leading beverage companies.

Andean™ Quillaja Extracts

These unique extracts are manufactured using aqueous extraction of Quillaja biomass, using an ecologically friendly and sustainable process that has earned Desert King recognition from the Chilean Ministry of Forestry. Desert King’s Andean™ Quillaja Extracts are rich in saponins, Certified Organic, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified. The high saponin content found in Andean™ Quillaja Extracts is the main active component which provides the excellent benefits and unique characteristics associated with this product’s formulation benefits (surfactant, cleansing agent/detergent, emulsifier, solubilizer, film former, moisturizer and pigment wetting/dispersing agent).

How Quillaja is used in Personal Care & Cosmetics

Some Direct Applications

Quillaja has been used for a long time in Personal Care & Cosmetics and continues to be a popular choice for formulators wishing to use non-synthetic and organic ingredients. We see our Quillaja and Yucca being used in both adult and baby products and they act as functional as well as active ingredients and offer a clean label.

Cleansing Face Creams
Cleansing Gels
Cleansing Wipes
Scrub Masks
Face Washes

Mouth Washes
Eye Makeup Removers
Day Creams
Liquid Makeup

Hair Conditioners
Body Washes
Body Creams
Bubble Baths

Moisturizing Lotions
Baby Wipes
Feminine Wipes
And much more!

Product Range

Quillaja saponaria extracts

Quillaja saponaria extracts

Andean™ Q Ultra
Andean™ Q Ultra Organic
Andean™ QDP Ultra Organic
Andean™ QE
Andean™ QD

<strong>Yucca Shidigera Extracts</strong>

Yucca Shidigera Extracts

Baja YE
Baja YD 50

Jojoba Extracts

Jojoba Extracts

Inca Gold
Inca Gold Organic
Inca Lite (Clear)
Inca Lite Organic (Clear Organic)

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