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Natural Crop Treatment

In 1994 this same food grade processing technology was applied to the agricultural industry to produce the purest, most cost effective Yucca schidigera products available.
In 2001 Desert King expanded its agriculture product line to include Quillaja saponaria products. A new, cost effective 100% natural crop treatment product with unique qualities.
To be able to produce such unique functional agricultural ingredients, a total commitment to quality assurance is mandatory.

Natural Nematicide and Fungicide

Our products can control plant parasitic nematodes (Meloidogyne eg.) in vineyards and citrus, similar to that obtained with chemicals (eg fenamiphos-NEMACUR, Bayer;. Etoprofos- MOCAP, Rhone Poulenc).
Adding our Quillaja saponaria product in combination with other natural products such as cinnamic aldehyde, provides a good pest control of fungi, insects, spiders, aphids, etc. It can also be used in combination with oleoresin capsicum (paprika) in polymeric paints to prevent and minimize the presence of insects, mollusks and crustaceans. In combination with yucca extract, it has very good activity against snails.

Product Range

Quillaja products

Quillaja products

  • QL Agri (USA)
  • Nema Q (non-USA markets)
Yucca products

Yucca products

  • Yucca Ag-Aide

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