Desert King International

Was founded in 1978 as a pioneer in jojoba oil production. It rapidly became the largest and most reputable jojoba oil producer setting the standards for quality jojoba oil products.
Since then, Desert King International has added Yucca Schidigera and Quillaja saponaria products to its high quality natural products line, becoming not only the largest manufacturer of Yucca and Quillaja, but the only company basic in both products with manufacturing facilities in Baja California, Mexico (Yucca schidigera products) and in Chile (Quillaja saponaria products)

“Our commitment is to continue to grow and to continue to be the leaders that we always have been in the Quillaja industry.“

Meet the team of  Desert King International

Paul Hiley

Rodrigo Otero
Vice President

Damian Hiley
Product Manager

Lauren Williams
Product Manager

Ray Kramer
Product Manager

Yaquelin Avelar
QA Manager

Desert King Chile

Desert King Chile is a joint venture between Natural Response (Chile) and Desert King International (San Diego, USA).
Our mission is to commercialise high quality saponin products derived from the Chilean tree Quillaja Saponaria Molina (quillay, quillaja, soapbark, Bois de Panama).
We have a very specialized team to give answer all questions and doubts of our costumers.
In Desert King Chile, our communication skills between our multidisciplinary team give a warranty about faster solution over any challenge.

We firmly believe that teamwork strengthens our company, and our customers see it too. We are a world class company of human scale

Meet the team of  Desert King Chile

Andrés González
General Manager

Alvaro Marchant
Product Manager

Genevieve Vidal
Product Manager

Hernan Cortes
Product Manager

Matthieu Privat
Key Account Manager

Desert King Mexico

Desert King Mexico follows all the rules and regulations set forth by the Mexican Forestry Department, to insure that the Yucca extraction rate is not more than the plant’s natural recovery rate.
All Yucca specimens must meet strict maturity standards, this includes being free of green leaves on more than 80% of the plant’s height. DKI strives to stay abreast of all legal issues pertaining to Yucca schidigera harvesting and follows strict forest management plans working hand in hand with communal land owners..

Yucca extracts are our specialty, and we contribute to the growth and satisfaction of our clients each time we implement an improvement, something we continually strive to do.

Meet the team of  Desert King Mexico

Gilberto Rodriguez
General Manager

Gilberto Rodriguez Jr.
Plant Manager

Fidencio Dominguez
Chemical Engineer

Natural Response

Natural Response S.A. is an enterprise devoted to the production and comercialization of natural extracts derived from endemic or abundant plants in Chile. The main challenge is to sustainably produce in Chile some high aggregated value products based upon national raw materials.
The company participates actively in technological innovation projects to study the best Quillaja culture conditions and the countless saponins industrial applications. Thus, from 1998 to date, the company has developed 4 FONDEF projects, a gubernamental entity which allocate money to Scientific and Technological Investigations, with the purpose to research all different aspects related to the Quillaja Saponins and its uses and applications, its forest management and many more with a total budget of $1.6 million dollars.

Every time a product leaves our factory, in it you will find all of our employees’ effort and our technology, that’s why we are confident that every product we send to the world is a master piece which will provide complete satisfaction to those who trust us.

Meet the team of Natural Response

Andrés González
General Manager

Vladimir Aranguiz
Operation Manager

Leandro Padilla
R&D Director

Gonzalo Camps
Casablanca´s Facilities Manager

Fernanda Cordero
IP Director

Javier González
Forest Manager

Gloria Álvarez
QA Director

Saponin Research Center

The Saponin Research Center (SRC) is a full investigation division of the Desert King. This company was established during 2013.It is dedicated to the development of applied research based on saponins from different vegetal sources.

“Our main objective is to find solutions through the development of R&D activities toobtain natural products which solve diverse current problems in an ecofriendly way.

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