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Solid Dispersion

Our purified Quillaja extract added at concentrations of 200 to 1000 ppm reduces the surface tension of aqueous solutions of 70 dynes / cm to less than 40 dynes / cm. Because of this, the solubility of powders (coffee, chocolate) is improved.

Foaming Agent

Foaming Agent

Foaming Agent

Our Purified Quillaja extract produced abundant foam at concentrations between 200 and 1000 ppm (0.02 to 0.1%). The foam is stable in the presence of ethanol (up to 10%) and citric acid (1-10%). Also in a pH range of 2 to 8, even when heated for 1-5 h at 120 ° C.

Fun with foam

Fun with foam

FOAMATION Y foaming agent made from yucca extract is Ideal for use in improving mouthfeel in frozen carbonated beverages.

FOAMATION Q foaming agent made from quillaja extract is perfect to add foam and froth in a variety of foods and beverages.

Benefits of FOAMATION foaming agents

Benefits of FOAMATION foaming agents

  • Improve the wet or dry foam formation and stability of existing products and/or create innovative new products
  • Save money by increasing the overrun (air entrapment) of your frozen carbonated beverage or ice cream
  • Replace often-costly chemical-sounding stabilizers such as propylene glycol alginates (PGAs) or gelatin
  • Consistent, sustainable and reliable supply of high-quality foaming ingredients
  • Deliver a good story to your consumers by using sustainable, naturally sourced foaming ingredients
  • Rich, thick foam that will improve the look and appeal of your cappuccino and the lacing of your beer products


Our Quillaja extract having an HLB> 13 due to the high hydrophilic capacity of saponins, can form stable oil-in-water (O / W) emulsions. The emulsions formed are stable under acidic conditions and in the presence of salts. Emulsifying properties of our extract Quillaja are comparable with other biodegradable emulsifiers such as fatty acid esters of sucrose.


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